RocNFresh House Menu
RocNFresh House Bowl Menu

  1. Slow simmered balsamic chicken
    Slow cooked chicken breast simmered in balsamic tomato sauce.Accompanied with green vegetable pasta.
  2. Roasted Chicken vegetable
    Pan roasted herb season chicken breast.Accompanied with Roasted vegetable medley.
  3. Southwestern(Turkey or Chicken breast)
    Marinated in Southwestern blend of spices and grilled.Accompanied with a black bean corn medley.
  4. Slow simmered swiss steak
    Beef blade steak simmered in a mushroom sauce.Accompanied with asparagus and chef vegetables.
  5. Asian inspired pork chop
    Asian marinated pork loin chop;pan baked Accompanied with broccoli or asian vegetable medley.
  6. Simply Grilled(steak or Chicken breast)
    Marinated grilled(steak or chicken breast)Accompanied with grilled Vegetables..
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  1. Grilled steak sweet potato bowl
    Grilled marinated steak served over pan roasted sweet potatoes,broccoli.drizzled with avocado sauce.
  2. BBQ rib bowl
    Southern-style bbq ribs served over house rice and bake beans accompanied with carrots..
  3. Teriyaki turkey meatball bowl
    Teriyaki turkey season meatballs simmered in teriyaki sauce served over brown rice with asian season vegetable medley.
  4. Shepherd pie bowl
    Season beef medley served over house mashed potatoes and a reduction drizzzle. Accompanied with vegetable medley.
  5. Taco chicken bowl
    grilled chicken breast simmered in mexican herb and spices served over house rice and a black bean corn salsa medley..
  6. coming soon
    RocNFresh Garbage plate bowl.